Best types of essential oil diffusers for aromatherapy May 9, 2013

The huge number of the essential oil diffusers on the market can make choosing the best aromatherapy diffuser a bit difficult. There are different types of diffusers available, and each has something unique to offer for its users. Each type has got its own unique characteristics and usability for the users. Apart from the good things, they also have a few negatives as well. So, you really need to find out the best type by considering all the points of each type.

types essential oil diffusers

Nebulizing Diffuser

These are generally the most powerful diffusers available on the market among all the types. They are not dependent on heat or water for diffusing the essential oil in the atmosphere. An atomizer is required for the creation of fine particles of the oil and then blowing them into the atmosphere. They are best used for supporting people having viral diseases.


  • It is easier to use with direct attachment ability with the oil bottle and it can be in the working mode with just a flip of a switch.
  • It doesn’t require any kind of a setup and even water.
  • They don’t have light so their use at nighttime can be hassle free.
  • It has got timers for alerting users about the empty oil bottle.
  • It releases strong concentration of the oil into the atmosphere.


  • It is louder in operation than the ultrasonic type.
  • This type consumes a lot of oil
  • It is an expensive option.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

It works just as the nebulizer type for creating a fine mist. The major difference is that this type uses water for the creation of cool mist. They work as humidifier and for this reason; they can be used in the winters as well.


  • It is far less expensive as compared with the nebulizing type.
  • It doubles when used as a humidifier, so its winter usage can be a great thing to experience.
  • You will have a lot of variety to choose from.


  • It is unable to use the citrus type of essential oils.
  • It requires regular cleaning.
  • This might not be an effective option as much as the nebulizing diffuser.

Heat Diffuser

The heat diffusers deploy heat for the purpose of vaporizing and for the spreading of the essential oils in the atmosphere. They are used but there cons are much stronger to negate it as an option for the home user.


  • They are aesthetically very pleasing.
  • It is a reasonably inexpensive option.
  • They are very silent in their operation which makes them ideal to use at night.
  • They are easy to use as well.


  • The use of heat can modify the chemistry of the essential oils at the molecular level.
  • Using them at tonight can be dangerous if the oil runs out, as hazardous chemicals can be evaporated if the system doesn’t alerts you.

Fan diffusers

This type uses fan as a source for diffusing the essential oil vapors into the atmosphere. This type can be electrical or battery operated. The benefits are there with a few cons as well.


  • You can choose from a numerous range of varieties.
  • It doesn’t use any type of heat for diffusing essential oil.
  • It can cover a large area with its oil diffusing.


  • They can produce a lot of noise.
  • They can be expensive because of some accessory requirements and for purchasing the replacement pads.

You can find an array of useful and great quality diffuser for your scented oil diffusion purposes or aromatherapy session. It depends on the way you need your surroundings to be scented. You can easily select the one you prefer with the preferred mode of diffusion.

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